SUPER Flex belts are truly endless extruded timing belts in polyurethane with helically wound steel cords.  Available in different sizes, constructions and pitches, Gates SUPER Flex belts offer you infinite possibilities to get the belt that fits your application perfectly.

Your benefits

  • Any length between 1.5 and 22.5 metres
  • Perfect synchronous processing
  • High reliability reducing downtime

Range summary

Pitches H / T5 / T10 / T20 / AT5 / AT10 / AT20 / ATL10 / ATL20/ HTD®5 / HTD®L5 / HTD®8 / HTD®14
Widths From 10 mm up to 170 mm
Lengths From min 1,500 mm up to 22,500 mm
Belt material PU 92 Shore A (standard), other available on request
Cord material Steel (standard), high flexible steel, stainless steel
Fabrics Polyamide on teeth - NT(PAZ)
Backings Over 30 different backings available
Profiles Over 3,000 designs for welded profiles available
Special processing Grinding, milling, punching, more available on request


Gates offers more than 30 backing materials for polyurethane belts to achieve the desired coefficient of friction, abrasion resistance or thickness. Choose from categories such as polyurethane, rubber, foam, PVC or one of our special backings to meet your requirements. All Flex belt backings can be modified mechanically on request.

Polyurethane is the most abrasion-proof and durable backing. Polyurethane backings are available in different thicknesses and hardnesses and are applied by welding onto the belt.

85 Shore A polyurethane backing for endless belts 85 shore A PU clear
Polyurethane HV foil backing for endless belts HV foil
92 Shore A polyurethane backing for endless belts 92 shore A PU white
Polyurethane glass backing for endless belts Glass backing
Polyurethane fine glass backing for endless belts Fine glass backing
Polyurethane ridge top backing for endless belts Ridge top

Welded profiles and machining

Gates polyurethane timing belts can be customised to meet your specific application requirements. Profiles in nearly any shape and construction can be added to the belt. Choose from over 3,000 designs available from Gates extensive mould inventory. Other machining options such as grinding edges, punching holes or milling are available on request. Gates provides customised solutions for all needs.

Services & Support

Global Service

With worldwide production and distribution partners Gates offers global service to solve your challenges.

Rapid Delivery

Gates is committed to fast response times on quotation requests and rapid delivery.

Application Engineering

Our application engineers can work with you to design the belt that meets your specific requirements. Fill in your specifications here and we contact you within 24 hours.

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